F2 | Fire Fly Manifesto: Remixed HTML version

tHe reMix
On November 20, 2008, the original Fire Fly Manifesto was released
to the world. My intention was to ofer it as a catalyst to change
the conversation from one of despair to one of hope. I was blown away
by the worldwide reception to the ideas and challenges, and the
conversations that unfolded from this simple document.
In the nine months since its release, though, both the economic
climate and the mood throughout the world have changed in a fairly
profound way. And, again, I felt the need to revise my manifesto
to better address both the questions that have been asked of me and
the challenges that lie ahead.
The result of this efort is F2 | Firely Manifesto: Remixed.
My greatest hope is that you’ll read it and share it with everyone
you know as a source of conversation, growth, exploration and,
again, a renewed sense of possibility.
With gratitude,