F.L.O.R.I.D.A. HTML version

added Helwig helper springs for some additional support for the items in the bed when the trailer
was disconnected and the weight distributing hitch was not being used.
We will stay at Florida State Parks along the way as much as possible. State Parks always
have a particular interest or attraction. Most are destination locations. Some are resorts offering
everything for relaxation, while others offer boating, fishing, or some other activity. They all
have water and electric hook-ups, and some also have a sewer hook-up.
We have spent endless hours defining our route, our budget and our agenda. We have tried
to think of everything to make our trip and our absence from home goof-proof. We purchased a
home security system with 24 hour monitoring, visual surveillance and motion detection, and I
installed dead-bolts through the floor on all doors along with the dead-bolts in the doors
themselves, and motion detection security lights all around the exterior.
We are Good Sam Club members, and have used many of their resources. We researched
our destinations in our Highways and Trailer Life Magazine collections. We also contacted
Florida State Parks and requested literature.
I spent numerous hours researching trip routing software and actually purchased Street
Atlas 2011, Rand McNally TripMaker, and Deloren Street Atlas. I was not overly thrilled with
any of them for routing our trip, and used the best parts of all three.
I routed our trip from Knoxville, down through Alabama to the Gulf of Mexico, and then
around the Florida panhandle and along the Western coast, across Alligator Alley, down into the
Keys, and back up the along the Atlantic Ocean through Georgia, South and North Carolina,
plotting the state parks we would visit along the way.
We budgeted the cost of this trip to be $7,500 for 75 days. We have allocated $100 per day
as follows:
Fuel = $18
Dining = $24
Cosmetics = $2
Medicine = $1
Clothing = $3
Camping = $30
Recreation = $20
Miscellaneous = $2
This budget did not come easily. It would have been nice to be able to do whatever we
wanted to do, whatever the cost. But we knew what we could afford. It took some negotiation
and give and take, but finally we agreed on something we thought we could live with.
We think this will be sufficient and time will prove us right or wrong. We have no medical
needs or prescriptions, and we will purchase what clothing and cosmetics we think we will need
before we leave. We have no pets.