Ezy Magic (Tricks You will Do) HTML version

Sometimes you want to give credit to others like your
friend the Mental Giant.
He (or she) is the person you phone when you just can't
work out the card someone chose.
You offer to demonstrate. Ask someone to pick any
card from the deck. Then they show it around, even you
can see it this time because you won't tell your friend,
the Mental Giant, what it is. You donÓt need to!
You can do this trick even if you don't have a deck of
cards! Just ask any of the spectators to say the name
of any playing card.
Now you phone your friend, then ask if he is feeling up
to reading someone's mind at long distance?
You ass the phone to the person who selected or
named the card and your friend, the Mental Giant,
immediately tells them the name of their card!