Ezy Magic (Tricks You will Do) HTML version

Let's revert to childhood games for a few minutes.
Do you remmeber playing Dominoes?
If you did, but never won a game, here is your chance
for revenge!
You pour onto the table your set of dominoes, then
show your frienda a sealed envelope. You say you
have put you prediction in the envelope before they
Yes, once again they do the work and you get the
Ask your friends to create a single domino trail where
each domino is next to another domino that has the
same number on one end of it. So, if the first domino
has two spots on one end and five spots on the other,
they may only put a domino with either five spots or
two spots next to it in the trail.
When they have completed this trail, ask anyone to
open your prediction and they will find that you