Ezy Magic (Tricks You will Do) HTML version

Show a banknote lying on your palm at right angles to
your fingers.
Ask a spectator to duplicate your actions with his own
note and you will show him how to double his money!
When he is ready, raise your hand and the note in front
of you. Then you fold your note back toward you. Say,
"I have now doubled my money".
"Groan". But wait! Fold the note over toward yourself
again, then fold the sides together. Now unfold the note
and show you have 2 banknotes where there had been
only one!
You need a little preparation to do this simple miracle
and the unexpected outcome is very impressive.
You start with 2 notes. Fold one in concertina style
about 3 times then fold the top and bottom together so
you have a small packet that you hide in the palm of
your hand under the note that you show your audience.