Ezy Magic (Tricks You will Do) HTML version

Mixed Up!
You quickly find your spectator's card even though you
helped him lose it. A great trick to use when you are
given a very worn deck of cards.
It's your help that makes the trick work of course.
You each take about half the deck and shuffle
thoroughly. Then you ask him to look at the top card on
his half and put it face down on the pile of cards in front
of you.
Then he puts a few cards from his pile on top of your
pile, the next few under your pile, Let him repeat these
two steps until all the cards are in the one pile. Now you
ask him to cut the deck into a few piles and then put the
piles together in a different order.
After all this mixing, you simply look through the deck
and remove the card he looked at.
This is very easy because you secretly looked at the
top card on your pile while he was looking at his card,