Ezy Magic (Tricks You will Do) HTML version

It IS a
You can perform miracles if you arrange the cards in a
special order called a 'stack' in advance. Here are 2
methods. The first is as easy as it gets.
You will need a little time to prepare the second stack
that has more possibilities.
Odd and Even
You separate the odd cards from the even ones. Then
thoroughly mix all the odd cards, red and black,
together and square them up.
Now you mix all the even cards together, put them on
top of the block of odd cards and square up the deck.
Spread the top half of the deck and ask someone to
pick one card. As your friends look at and show the
other spectators the selected card, you square up the
upper half of the deck and spread the lower half to
receive their card.
Turn the deck toward yourself and look for the odd card
- the even valued card among a group of odd cards.