Ezy Magic (Tricks You will Do) HTML version

One day someone will hand you cards so worn you
wouldn't let your dog play with them and say, "Do some
magic?" ! This trick is for that situation.
You play a game of Poker with the owner of the cards.
Even when you let your 'victim' choose his cards, you
win! You use just ten cards for this trick. You say that is
to make it fairer but there is really nothing fair about it!
You need three sets of three
cards of the same value and an
Ace such as three Kings, three
twos and three sixes with any
one of the Aces.
It is easy to keep track of the Ace even when the cards
are face down. That is important because is the player
who gets the Ace loses the hand! The Ace is usually
the most valuable card. It is a jinx card in this game.