Ezy Magic (Tricks You will Do) HTML version

Fold a sheet of paper from top to bottom and then fold it
left to right so that it is a quarter its original size
Unfold the paper, then cut a small hole where the
creases meet.
Show your friends the paper and a coin that is wider
than the hole in the center of the paper.
Ask them to push the coin through the hole without
tearing or cutting the paper?
You will be the only one who can do the deed.
The creases in the paper are only there to mislead your
Put the coin on the table and hold the paper over it with
the hold right above the coin.
Push at the coin through the hole in the paper with the
tip of a finger or the point of the scissors.
You don't have to make the coin travel through the hole
- you push (at) it through the hole!