Ezy Magic (Tricks You will Do) HTML version

You cannot move Number Two, but you can
Touch and move Number Three."
You will probably have to keep a close eye on the
challengers because many will misunderstand the
rules, probably deliberately!
When you decide they have had enough time to work it
out, put one finger firmly on the center of the smaller
coin (you can touch but not move it).
Then use one finger of your other hand to draw
Number Three along the table until it is a couple of
inches away from the smaller coin. Now push it quickly
into Number Two which your other finger is holding in
The force of the strike will travel through the smaller
coin and move the other large coin away.
You may have to do it a few times but you will get a
gap large enough for you to put your striker coin,
Number Three, between the other two.
It doesn't matter if your blows move the other large
coin inches away from the smaller coin as long as it
doesn't go off the table. You had to be able to put
Number Three between the other 2, they don't have to
be still touching each other!