Ezy Magic (Tricks You will Do) HTML version

This is a "bar bet" which can earn you and your partner
a free bottle of wine the next time you have dinner at a
restaurant with friends.
Being the fair-minded people everyone knows you are,
share it with the people who lose this bet to you!
With a partly empty bottle of wine on the table and all
glasses filled, you say that you can put the cork back in
the bottle and get a drink without re-opening the bottle!
Your friends have little chance to work out your method
unless they have seen it before.
If some have seen it in this book, they will play along
because they know you should be a good spectator
when you are not the wonder-worker.
And they will want to see the effect on your mutual
When the terms of the bet are agreed, you check that
the cork or stopper is firmly in place. Turn the bottle