Ezy Magic (Tricks You will Do) HTML version

This is a great example of, "It's not what you do but
how you do it" and what you say!
Show your guests two scarves or handkercheifs tied
together at one corner and one loose scarf which
should be a contrasting color or pattern. That has no
effect on the scam, it just looks better.
Ask your friends," Can you tie the loose scarf between
the other two without damaging any of them or untying
or loosening the knot?"
It's probably a good idea to hold the two tied scarves in
one hand with their centres inside your fist and the knot
toward the audience.
This helps to focus their thoughts away from the
simple, but not obvious, solution.
You let them ponder and perform anything short of
surgery on the scarves, then simply tie two opposite
corners of the loose scarf to the corners of the tied
scarves which are diagonally opposite the knot!