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Author Murray, H.A;
Explorations in Personaity
Explorations in Personality is an account of a
three-years* study of fifty young men of college
age by twenty-eight psychologists of various
schools and persuasions, among whom were
three physicians and five psychoanalysts.
The book starts with the exposition of a
theory of personality which attempts to recon-
cile the divergent conceptions of medical and
academic psychology. It aims at comprehen-
siveness, internal coherence, and usability. The
focus of attention is always the individual who,
while evolving within an ever-changing matrix
of social forces, exhibits himself objectively as
a unitary force but subjectively as the product
of many co-operating or conflicting inner ten-
The second part of the book is devoted to
the description of numerous different tech-
niques for the systematic study of human be-
havior under conditions which approximate
those of everyday life. The authors were less
interested in why a man sees red when he is
exposed to light rays of a certain wave length
than they were in why he sees red when he is
asked to do his boss a favor, or why he sees red
when he meets an exponent of collectivism.
Special attention was given to the development
of techniques for evoking fantasies which
would provide data for an orderly investigation
of unconscious processes.
? The book closes with an account of the re-
Suits obtained, a long case history being in-
cluded as an illustration of the order of facts
revealed, of the workability of the theory, and
the fruitfulness of the procedures.
Academic psychologists may encounter here
some facts which have not yet found a place in