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Abby Wilson informe d he r lover that she had decided to cut her visit short due to the
approaching ice storm. If she waited till morning to hit the road she would run smack into
the sleet that the storm was pushing before it. Home was only eight hours away and she
could drive through the night without a problem. Her love r voiced his objection loudly; he
worried about the coming storm; and her driving at night alone. He accepted that he
couldn’t win the argument; she was stubborn to the point of madness; but he wanted his
objections noted. She assured him that she had made the trip many times and would be
just fine.
Richard wasn’t being insistent out of a desire to be overbearing, quite the contrary. He
loved Abby, and he worried that at her age , her reflexes weren’t as fast as she thought. She
in turn loved the idea of his wanting to protect her. Finding love at this time of her life was
a surprise for Abby…and she was enjoying every minute of it.
Abby was a tough old bird, independent and stubborn, born of many hard years of work.
Finding love at 65yrs of age was something she had never envisioned. It had softened her a
bit, but she was still a force to be reckoned with. She assured him she would be just fine,
besides she had Max with her.
Max was a mutt she had rescued one rainy night on her way home from work. She saw a
truck in front of her hit the animal and drive off. Totally unlike her to act, she had felt
compelled to turn around. She had stopped traffic while she picked up the whimpering
animal and placed it in the rear of he r SUV. Surprised at how thin the ani mal was as she
set him gently down, she thought he would surely die. But then s he had looked into the
animal's eyes… there was a connection somehow... he was in pain and she kne w it. Dialing
her vet, Jim Swanson, she rushed home breaking many speed limits.
She half expected Jim to tell her the animal would die, but the mangy curr was made of
stronger stuff. He recovered, slowly at first, non responsive and listless. He seemed to
improve each time Abby came to see him; the improve ment noted by her Vet, who was sure
that the animal had bonded with her. At first Jim told her he thought the dog was a Lab-
Shepherd mix, but he had since changed his mind. As the „dog’ gained more weight, his
true linage began to emerge; he was more of a Shepherd-Wolf mix. The vet cautioned
Abby that the animal could be dangerous; quite possibly fe ral. Abby had seen his eyes, and
they told her othe rwise; she wasn't worried in the least. Two months, and twelve hundred
dollars later, she took Max home with her and they hadn’t been separated since.
When she had been attacked a year later by a drug-crazed teen, the dog had come to her
rescue by attacking and keeping the cowered teen at bay until the police arrived. Max had
enjoyed a rib-eye steak that night, proper re ward for a job well done. Abby felt there was
something different about this dog; almost like he had been sent to her for some reason that
she couldn't explain. She was sure he understood he r when she spoke to him. So she
treated him like a friend; this set well with Max and he stayed to protect this human.