Everything You Know About Money is Wrong! HTML version

Table Of Contents
Debunking the common myths that are passed down from generation to generation as valuable wisdom,
but are really detrimental to becoming rich.
Exposing the secrets of money that conmen and the elites don’t want you to know. Example after
example of how certain things are not how they sound or seem. When it comes to money, ignorance is
anything but bliss.
Step by step guides on how to avoid (or get out of) the five biggest pitfalls that condemn good, hard-
working people to the dreaded rat race.
From the most common clichés to supposed “conventional wisdom”, every single one of them is dead
wrong and believing in them will prevent you from ever being rich.
When you look at money this certain way, your view on it and feelings toward it will change
Exposing the laws of compensation, earnings, rewards and returns.
Wealth is not a matter of fortune, but formula. After reading this, you’ll never again believe the lie that
getting rich is all about luck or fate.
Everyone tells us that in order to make money, you have to get a job. But that’s only 1 of 4 ways to make
money. See the four things that keep the economy moving and how you can capitalize on all of them.
You work hard enough at your job already, and your employer is probably underpaying you. It’s time
you learn how to right that injustice, because your time is too precious to spend it earning far less than
you deserve.