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Following are my findings from a month-long article marketing case study (conducted
from October 18, 2006 through November 18, 2006).
As an overworked freelancer, my goal was to create more passive income.
A little history: I’ve been in publishing since 1987, and have been a freelancer since
1993. I kind of took freelancing as it came those first few years, never relying on it as
my primary source of income.
Inkwell Editorial was formed in 1996 as an editorial outsource firm. The smartest thing I
did as a manager was add staffing/recruiting to Inkwell’s list of services. That really got
the company over the hump, as placement fees ranged from a low of 3K on up to around
NOTE: In general staffing fees are much higher, but in editorial, salaries are low, so
recruiting fees are below what you’d make in another arena, eg, tech.
A handful of placements a year and a few temps on assignment, coupled with my
freelance income provided me a very nice living.
Then came 9/11. The arena in which I staffed (editorial) crashed. Ad agencies and
publishers cut back their output because no one was spending on ad campaigns, so no
need to hire copy editors, creative directors, graphic designers, etc.
However, during the time we offered on-site temps, I built up a pretty good roster of
clients and now get most of my work via referral.
Present Day: Having been a freelancer since 1993, I’ve reached the point where I want
to Ðtouch“ projects less. So, my goal going into next year is to create more passive
income. My hope is that within a couple of years, I can get by on just my product sales
alone. Having reached 40, I want to work less and play more.
Now, on to the details!
NOTE: This e-book consists of a series of blog posts, a Q&A session and conclusions
drawn from the experiment overall. I hope you find it useful.
My goal was to submit one article a day for 30 days (excluding weekends) to 25 top-rated
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Article Marketing:
Results of a 30-day article marketing experiment.
¨2007 Yuwanda Black: Visit https://www.InkwellEditorial.com for more on freelancing from home.
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