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Letter 35
Sir John Belmont To Lady Howard Paris, May 11
I HAVE this moment the honour of your Ladyship's Letter, and I will not wait
another, before I return an answer.
It seldom happens that a man, though extolled as a saint, is really without
blemish; or that another, though reviled as a devil, is really without humanity.
Perhaps the time is not very distant, when I may have the honour to convince
your Ladyship of this truth, in regard to Mr. Villars and myself.
As to the young lady, whom Mr. Villars so obligingly proposes presenting to me,
I wish her all the happiness to which, by your ladyship's account, she seems
entitled; and, if she has a third part of the merit of her to whom you compare her,
I doubt not but Mr. Villars will be more successful in every other application he
may make for her advantage, that he can ever be in any with which he may be
pleased to favour me. I have the honour to be Madam, Your Ladyship's most
humble, and most obedient servant, JOHN BELMONT.