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Letter 29
Mr. Villars To Evelina Berry Hill, May 2
HOW sincerely do I sympathise in the uneasiness and concern which my
beloved Evelina has so much reason to feel! The cruel scheme in agitation is
equally repugnant to my judgment and my inclination;-yet to oppose it seems
impracticable. To follow the dictates of my own heart, I should instantly recall you
to myself, and never more consent to your being separated from me; but the
manners and opinion of the world demand a different conduct. Hope, however,
for the best, and be satisfied you shall meet with no indignity; if you are not
received into your own family as you ought to be, and with the distinction that is
your due, you shall leave it for ever; and once again restored to my protection,
secure your own tranquillity, and make, as you have hitherto done, all the
happiness of my life. ARTHUR VILLARS.