Eternity HTML version

Captain Kimberly Colleen Terry, KC to her friends, a six year veteran of the
Rowdizian Earth-Alliance Wars, cursed the dim yellow glow from the persistent caution
light. Resetting the Master Caution did nothing to extinguish the indicator. She tried, but
she still didn’t believe the low level indication of the ship’s Weapons Energy Stores. How
long had her squadron, well what was left of it, been in battle, 25 minutes? Something
was terribly wrong. She had engaged four, and destroyed three enemy fighters. Add that
to the two strafing runs on separate battle cruisers, and she shouldn’t have depleted her
ship’s stores so fast. A quick look over her right shoulder confirmed her wingman was
still in position. Terry pressed the transmitter button with her thumb, “Hey, Jeff. Still no
visual on any leak?” The fleet and the battle grew smaller in her rearview mirror.
Lieutenant Jefferson Andre Norton, Terry‘s Wingman for the last year answered,
“Negative Captain. No leak detected, and I still have… aahhh… 65% Weapons Energy
Stores. I guess you’re just a little trigger happy.” Jeff strained again to get a better look at
lead’s fighter exterior, even though his position was less than a meter from Terry’s Cobra.
Terry shook her head and barked, “Damn… whatever. Doing no good out here.
Besides… I still have missiles. The war’s behind us about 5 klicks and the Rowdizians
look hell-bent to kill us all…. Give me some room… we’re coming about…. Check Zero
thrust, 160 degree positive pitch, then kick it with a 150% burn….”
“Roger.” Jeff acknowledged.
Terry continued, “On my mark… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Mark….”
The pair of Cobra close quarter attack fighters off the Galaxy Class Heavy
Cruiser, Nova Wind, pitched nose up in unison and pivoted about their central axis. One
hundred and sixty degrees into the maneuver both craft fired their main engines until they
reached 150% thrust. Terry and Jeff strained at the g-force pinning them to their seats.
With the power of the 150% burn arresting their away speed and then accelerating the
crafts toward the desperate battle, their lives would soon be again at risk.
Terry thought, “We’ll need a butt load of luck to win the day. We’re evenly
matched in technology, but the Rowdizian forces outnumber us 3 to 1.” She ordered,
“Jeff,.. set maneuvering thrust in… 3, 2, 1, Mark…. You take the lead Buckwheat.
Captain Trigger Happy will cover your ass for a change.”
Jeff‘s excitement of having the responsibility of lead was openly displayed as his
voice pitched higher and louder with each spoken word, “Aye, Captain… Let’s kick some
Rowdick ass!”
The pair quickly closed the distance to rejoin the battle. Enroute, a blinding white
flash obscured the distance. Lt. Norton yelled, “Can’t see. What the hell was that?”
Terry shot back, “Shit Jeff, I can hardly see, but on my radar there’s a debris field
where the Rowdizian battle cruiser Urrpvic was positioned.” She explained.
Lt. Norton whistled, “Damn, Captain. That’s one of their capital ships. Over 8000
crew and 250+ fighters. With her gone that gives the Alliance the upper hand.”
Terry observed, “I’ve got multiple bogies, and looks like they’re running. Check
three at 2 o’clock, P negative 25, hot damn.”