Eternal Vows HTML version

“YOU!? Those growling sounds weren't funny, you idiot! And look…you made me drop an
expensive piece of equipment. Hard to believe you're a professional, Frank.” Sarah took a slow,
deep breath to calm her nerves.
He slipped off his leather jacket. “Oh, come on. I even bought a proper Indiana Jones fedora
for the occasion.”
Her cheeks grew hot as she stared at the safari shirt stretching across his broad shoulders and
strong chest, his sleeves rolled up at the elbow. K haki-colored pants finished his adventurer
ensemble. His brown hair hung in shaggy waves from underneath his hat. He looked really hot,
but there was no way she was going to admit it. If he'd had a bullwhip, she would have wanted
to strangle him with it. “You hate hats.”
“What? No I don't. Now we match—his and hers Indy hats.” The flames leapt greedily at
the logs, reflecting in his hazel eyes as he scanned her up and down with a crooked smile. “Did
anybody ever tell you how sexy you look in camouflage? And boy, you have the part of big-
game hunter nailed.”
“I'm not here to hunt any game and certainly not to kill anything. I just want to prove its
existence.” Sarah let out a long sigh. “This is my expedition anyway, so what're you doing
here?” She reached down and picked up her equipment.
“I'm on assignment. Nobody wanted to write this article, but I jumped on it.” He wrapped an
arm around her shoulder, pulling her close. “One of the perks of the job is seeing you.”
“Even if you got lost trying to find me in this forest?”
“I could more easily get lost in those big brown eyes of yours.”
She flung his arm off. “You scared the crap out of me!”
“Hey, you're lucky I didn't show up in an ape suit.”
“You know I have a tranquilizer gun, right?”
He glanced down at her waist. “Yeah, and I love the holster. It's so Old West.”
Sarah met his gaze. “I'd aim straight for your—”
“Cute butt?” he finished, grinning.
She shook her head. “Not quite what I had in mind.”
“Don't you dare say heart, „cause you've already shattered mine.”
“I'm sorry, Frank.”
“Why don't you answer my phone calls or e-mails?”
She huffed. “Don't you have some ridiculous ghost story or urban legend you could be out
debunking? Shouldn't you be killing off the Tooth Fairy for little kids or something?”
“Why do you waste your time playing head researcher in Planet of the Apes?”
Glaring, she picked up the radio. “Guys, false alarm! It's only Frank Hedford.”
Adam's voice crackled in the speaker. “Huh? That guy from the Daily News?”
She glared at Frank as she spoke into the walkie-talkie. “Yeah, that's our animal. I'll get rid
of him. Everyone back to your positions.”
“So you caught the smaller, smellier version of Bigfoot, huh?” he asked over the radio.
“Yeah, I suppose I did. We'll be in tomorrow's headlines—„Bigfoot: A No Show'.”
She recognized Steven's voice when he said, “Throw that guy out on his big furry—”
Sarah turned off the radio.
Frank smiled. “Man, it feels good to be loved. Must be that article I wrote about those guys
mistaking a freaking elk for a Sasquatch. You know, I bet they could still get their story
published. The supermarket tabloids would jump on a juicy tidbit like that.”
Sarah's cheeks burned with anger. “Listen, we had two reliable eyewitnesses on that case,