Essays for Introductory Humanities Courses HTML version

Essay 1
Part 1 Reputations of Sir Robert Muldoon and David Lange
Two Alcoholic New Zealand Prime Ministers
Part 2 The Reputation of Cleopatra
Essay 2
Part 1 The Reputation of Christopher Marlowe and Art analysis
Part 2 Cezanne’s Jug and Fruit and Zurbaran’s Still Life with
Lemons, Oranges and a Rose
Essay 3
Comparison of the Reputations of Stalin and Michael Faraday
Essay 4
Part 1 “According to Plato and Socrates, what is courage?”
Part 2 Reading Poetry: The Faber Book of Beasts.
Essay 5
Tradition and Dissent in English Christianity
Essay 6
Tradition and Dissent in Music:
Dmitri Shostakovich