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There are nineteen cycles of contracting gaseous states, and seventeen cycles of expanding gaseous states, perpetually creating quanta, which are required for the cyclic patterns of creation, growth, destruction and renewal.

Expansion and contraction of the sun goes on simultaneously, because its structure involves many energy emitting gases, all of which expand and contract in accordance with each one‘s unique elemental makeup.

Nineteen cycles of contraction opposing seventeen cycles of expansion are required to balance the inequality which naturally exists between these two activities. Each set of 19 + 17 cycles constitutes a cycle in and of itself.

The minor cycles each relate to a particular physical property which can be manipulated by prodding the entangled twin of a particular particle.

Shortly, we will be discussing the universal forces we know as Runic Forces. These are extensions of the ―All‖; but just briefly, let me say that the combined efforts of two Runes: Ánsur - and Thurisar - , serve the

―All‘s‖ purpose in prodding entangled twins. Please note that I am using here, the Old Norse form of the Runes.

This concept of entangled twins has its foundation in quantum theory, with entanglement being its defining trait. For a functional understanding, we must be able to perceive: 1) How the cycles of expansion and contraction operate harmoniously, and 2) Just what it is we mean by particular physical properties.

For the most part, for each cycle of expansion, there is one of contraction.

However, since the expansion cycle is slightly more active, we have two contraction cycles after the eighth expansion, and two contraction cycles after the sixteenth expansion. Graphically speaking, it looks like this: Escaping Hell©

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Expansion: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Contraction: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (8—9) 10 11 12 13 14 15 (16—17) 18 19

Evolution occurs on the cycles of expansion, and devolution occurs on the cycles of contraction. Therefore, evolution and devolution follow each other in a cyclic pattern, while seventeen physical properties are affected, one at a time. The physical properties being referenced are as follows: 1. Level of consciousness

9. Quality of Momentum

2. Nature of consciousness

10. Nature of Momentum

3. Level of Intelligence

11. Level of Experience

4. Nature of Intelligence

12. Nature of Experience

5. Level of Strength

13. Quality of Light

6. Nature of Strength

14. Intensity of Light

7. State of Being

15. Quantity of Sound

8. Quality of Being

16. Vibratory Harmony to the Sound


17. Position on the Light/Sound


Since the ―All‖ exists outside our universe, ―It‖ may be perceived as the

―Root of all life through time.‖ In fact it has been said that: ―The ‗All‘ is like time, but this concept should not be confused with the manifestation of time. All time is here and now, within the ‗All.‘‖

All of life is made up of Light and Sound which, within the ―All,‖ are all in one. In the ―All,‖ all things are combined, then. For this reason, Odin said:

―The ‗All‘ can only be hinted at; ‗It‘ can never be put into words. ‗It‘ only Escaping Hell©

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expresses itself; and when it does so, the expression is . . . ‗All‘ or


As quanta, Sound and Light constitute particles smaller than those making up atoms. They are units of electro-tonal energy-identity, called Partiki.

The Sound is particum, and the Light is partika—together, they are Partiki, and do not become dichotomized until their manifestation in the material worlds of dualism. This is multidimensional Light-Sound consciousness, serving as the organizational and mechanical life-force of all intelligence, and its many manifestations. Since everything has its existence in the ―All,‖

everything is of this consciousness—everything in existence possesses consciousness, regardless of how rudimentary it may be.

Given its impetus from the ―All,‖ Partiki travels from that source, to the universe, finally entering our solar system through the sun. The motion of the Partiki as it travels through the mass of its own structure, causes a

―roiling,‖ which produces friction, magnification, and expansion. Within the highest vibratory frequencies of the universe called the spiritual planes, Sound and Light are expressed in unison, by tonal frequency. Qualified on the Sound/Light spectrum, color and sound always accompany one another in those realms.

The spiritual realms are separated from the material worlds of dualism, by a Great Abyss, often referred to as the Void. This is an area of pure Sound through which, the Partiki must pass in its movement throughout all dimensions of the universe, as it both creates and maintains it. As the Partiki passes through the Void, it is split into its component parts of Sound and Light, with Sound forming a matrix upon which, manifested creation Escaping Hell©

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occurs, as Light passes through it. This, in and of itself, constitutes a part of creation, which results from what we call the Higher Will.

The primal manifestation of this Higher Will, are the Runic Lights of Existence. Being the first expressions of the ―All,‖ they can be said to constitute the very fabric of existence. Collectively, they lend substance, structure, and stability to the Cosmological Code. We‘ll get to this code in a minute, but first allow me to explain a little more regarding the Runic Lights.

Since enemies of the ―All‖ have established a false system, my explanation must necessarily describe that one as well. The ―New Age‖ movement is guided by those who are attempting to control the spiritual evolution of humankind. They teach of what they call the ―Seven Rays,‖ and have even placed a so-called ―Lord‖ or ―Cohan‖ over each one. In actuality, these rays are only emanations of the Runic ―Lights‖ of Existence, and there are nine of them—not seven. In addition, the descriptions of these rays/lights have been distorted to conform to a tradition dedicated to misleading those who are finding their way out of hell.

First of all, there were never any entities designated as ―Lords‖ over the Runic Lights of Existence. These Lights are special emissaries of the ―All.‖

As direct extensions, they need not, and cannot be overseen by sentient humanoid beings, regardless of any being‘s supposed stature among mankind.

Secondly, the New Age movement has distorted the original concepts, omitted the colors gold and orange, and turned red into pink. It is significant that the orange light is responsible for organization in the universe, while the gold is a direct manifestation of the ―All,‖ Itself. Could it Escaping Hell©

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be, then, that those controlling the New Age movement are the agents of chaos in our universe? As it turns out, this is indeed the case.

Following, is a basic description of the 7 rays as they commonly appear: Ray




1st Ray


Strength and

Master Morya


2nd Ray



Lord Lanto

3rd Ray



Lady Nada

4th Ray


Purity/embodies all

Serapis Bey

other rays

5th Ray




6th Ray






7th Ray



St. Germain

Following are the Runic Lights:






Higher Will/Represents the ―All‖




Light (quanta)




Sound (quanta)




Balance of Sound & Light/ transformation B



Embodies all other lights/


Interdimensional links



Life energy












Unified Whole/Oneness of all creation


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As I stated above, the Runic Lights lend substance, structure and stability to the Cosmological Code, which is the structure of, and the impetus for the energetic effectuation of creation, structure, and evolution.

As can be seen above, nine Rune staves carry one each, of the Runic Lights. These Runes, though, are only nine out of twenty-four, total. All twenty-four make up the Cosmological Code, and establish what is called Cosmology.

Therefore, we first have the Runic Lights as extensions of the ―All;‖ then we have the Cosmological Code, followed by Runic Cosmology, which is the actualization of creation, structure and evolution; and finally, we have the establishment of the elements of existence.

In order to understand the Cosmological Code(s), we must first understand Runic Correlation. As extensions of the ―All,‖ the Runes constitute the forces of the universe, as we know. The twenty-four Runes of the Elder Futhark are listed in three Ættir. The first Ætt is that of creation; the second is the structure of the universe; and the third is evolution, which relates to the cycles of creation/birth, growth and renewal:







Urur (U)




Isar (I)

Ehstí (E)

Ánsur (A)



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Othalar (O)

These categories are of significance in conceptualizing the role each Rune plays in the context of its general concepts and esoteric aspects; but as we shall see, they all play a role in creation.

By way of correlation, we will come to understand runic functions, and thus, to gain a conceptual awareness of how it is that the ―All,‖ through these universal forces, effectuates not only creation, but also every other function in the universe.

As vowels in any language cement all words together to form a phonetic cohesiveness, so too, do the vowel Runes of the Elder Futhark (


, ,


) cement it together into a cohesive working whole, with Solí as the axis.

The Runes represent, then, what can be termed ―The Magical Language of the Universe,‖ with Solí lending its support to each of the vowel Runes, or

―primaries‖ as we often refer to them. This ―language‖ is how the ―All‖

communicates itself to us. Through an understanding of each Rune‘s function, and through runic attunement, the initiate on the path not only gathers information on the proper use of the Runes, but also learns how to properly communicate with the ―All.‖

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The Runic Correlation Chart is divided into five spheres of influence with each set of Runes connected to the primary through mode of operation: 5th Field of Operation

Sphere of Creative


1st Field of Operation

4th Field of Operation

Sphere of Energy’s

Interdimensional or


Unified Whole Sphere

3rd Field o

f O p e

rati o n

2nd field of Operation

Sphere of Universal

Sphere of Renewal

Manifestatio n

Runic Correlation has its application to our development on the path of enlightenment and transcendence, but what we are looking for here, is its application to ―creation.‖ Each sphere is based on a primary Rune, which in turn, receives its objective from Solí.

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- Isar‘s objective as the primary Rune in the sphere of Energy‘s origin is to manifest the basis upon which creation is founded, and to still the energies of her two very powerful satellites, when required.

Light is first, and self-perpetuating. Isar controls, because she magnifies Light. The only Runic forces she does not control are those of Solí, because he is the direct extension of the ―All,‖ which is the source of Light.

Although Isar controls all the other Runes, the most interesting relationship of this nature, is her control of Thurisar -

... As the 3rd Runic Light which

is red, he embodies the subatomic structure of all existence, which is Sound. Therefore, one might reason that Thurisar is out of the realm of Light, and therefore, remains autonomous. Isar‘s energetic connection, however, is through Sound, since she embodies both Light and Sound.

She controls Thurisar through her ability to magnify more or less Light, which he depends on for his manifestation. The Sound Matrix, after all, is but a magnification of Light.

Isar‘s other satellite is Reinu - , who directs all movement in the universe.

The ongoing creation manifesting in all evolutionary processes, then, is entirely under his direction. Reinu provides the vehicle when we are accessing either the past, or the future time tracks.

As an individual power, he maintains his own rhythm independently of outside forces, which makes him the director of all movement in the universe. He, who controls rhythmic structures, controls the direction of movement. This principle can be seen in music, where the rhythmic structure carried by the rhythm section of a band determines the Escaping Hell©

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movements of the other instruments. This power, coupled with Reinu‘s independent access to both past and future, provides him with the power to alter the cycles of time and manifestation.

Isar represents the present aspect of universal structure, or ―that which is becoming.‖ Thus, she embodies the unstable ground of transition between the past and future, and has the power to control Reinu‘s manipulations of the cycles of time and manifestation, by stilling the passage of time.

- Urur‘s objective as the primary Rune in the sphere of renewal is to determine and organize the nature, intent, and shape of all the realms of various vibratory frequencies in the universe, all the types of matter associated with those realms, and all their manifested structures, including sentient beings.

As the 8th Runic Light which is orange, he organizes all patterns of the universe, which are established by Solí. Hagalar -

provides the force

which becomes the pattern, making him the ―Primal Crystal.‖ This is the foundation of all creation, then, after the establishment of the Sound Matrix/Current. This is also the primal archetype which lends itself to the renewal of all structures in the universe.

Renewal begins with the ―Need Rune,‖ which is Náthir - .. Embodying the concept of future possibilities, he empowers all energetic structures with strength, the will to acquire, and a propensity for attainment, which is the foundation of all that which brings renewal.

As the 6th Runic Light which is purple, Lákar -

provides life energy, by

unlocking the passageways from dimension-to-dimension, throughout the Escaping Hell©

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universe. Since all life forms are constructs of Partiki, all life energy, then, is conscious. Lákar is the modem for the passage of events through the ever-evolving constructs of life energy, and thus, he controls the events which all life forms experience. In other words, we receive renewal by receiving life energy which is conscious, as we are conscious beings of life energy, ourselves. This is the highest level of the principle that in order for one life-form to survive, another must become its sustenance. In reality, no life-form ever ceases to exist.

We witness this universal principle every day of our lives as nature moves through its cycles. Every beast, bird, fish, plant, and mineral exists within the food chain, at one level or another. In order for humans to live, some other species–even if it‘s only a plant—must die.

Religions have programmed us to view this phenomenon in negative terms.

Some teach that to kill for one‘s own sustenance is wrong, while others condone sustenance, while denouncing the killing of others for safety reasons. Most allow killing as long as it is necessary, especially if it is sanctioned by government; but they still possess a fear of ―God‘s wrath,‖ if they make the decision themselves. They maintain the idea that ―God‖

looks upon killing with disfavor, and would rather have total peace and harmony (take, for example, the Christian prophecy of the lion and the lamb lying down together, as though such constitutes God‘s true will). In reality, as I stated above, no life-form ever dies; therefore, no life-form is ever missed by the ―All.‖ To view the physical body as being the life-form we know is to err. Even the life-form, or intelligence making up each cell of the body, is released as the form decays, but never really dies.

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Renewal also implies corrective measures intended to provide guidance toward that which would constitute renewal, as opposed to degeneration.

Pethro -

, therefore, provides the principle of Ørlög, or Karma, which is often referred to in terms of fate. This principle, regardless of how rudimentary its manifestation may be, forms the structure of experience for all forms of life, from the mineral kingdom, up.

Our Ørlög is the manifestation of energies we have harbored, which our Norse ancestors called ―wyrd.‖ By reshaping our wyrd on a daily basis, Björkan -

provides a cyclic pattern for our inner development. In this way, she embodies the cycles of birth, growth and renewal.

- Othalar‘s objective as the Primary Rune in the Sphere of Universal Manifestation is to provide the power required for all runic activities and their manifestations. Her very stable, electric charge is used in bind with Ingvar –

for creating electromagnetic fields of energy required for the manifestation of all creation.

Ingvar provides for all genetic structures and makes all connections to the Sound Matrix, while Othalar maintains and/or increases vibratory frequencies as required in all evolutionary processes. Ingvar also establishes the Sound Matrix through which, Othalar increases the frequency of Light in forming the DNA template responsible for all temporal manifestations.

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The power which caused the ordered universe to come into existence is known as Feyhju -

. All things in the universe are made from a combination of Sound and Light, which she embodies. This makes Feyhju the primordial fire of creation. As a universal force, she provides a vehicle for the expression of the Higher Will.

As the 4th Runic Light which is violet, Tivar -

provides a balance of

Sound and Light, which allows for transformation in all ways, and on all levels. Light and Sound are sub-units of crystalline morphogenetic substance, which serve as the blueprints for all manifested creation. When balanced, then, manifested creations are able to transform as required, in adapting to evolutionary changes.

Jara -

, which is the 2nd Runic Light (Blue), embodies the light aspect of creation. As her Light passes through the Sound Matrix, the potential manifestations materialize, and all things, including time are manifested.

Jara establishes both, the elements of Light, and the cyclic pattern inherent throughout all of creation; thus, she governs the galactic cycles of the zodiac, as well as the planetary cycles of the seasons.

As the planets move around the sun in accord with the galactic and solar cycles, so does the illusion of time manifest through the seasons which result from the cyclic movement of the planets in our solar system.

Moreover, Sound is a loop. Jara establishes time as her Light passes through the Sound Matrix, establishing time on the matrix. Time, then, is also a loop.

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The cyclic processes established by Jara, are administered by Daku -


as he brings one cyclic process to a close, and allows for a smooth transition into another. Many people are aware of the concept of the ―River of Life,‖ which embodies the souls of eternal existence. Daku, however, embodies a more transcendental concept called the ―River of Time.‖ This river embodies the eternal existence experienced by vital souls. An explanation follows:

All life can be viewed as a droplet of water rushing with the current.

Time seems to pass by, but the current remains the same. The droplet remains in the moment of being, or the ever-present here and now. As this present moment continually passes away, awareness of being is always new. Therefore, all life occurs in a moment of time. As the water droplet is perceived in the moment of being, the moment of being itself, is perceived at the point between light and dark. This is where all space and time meet in the here and now.

- Ehstí‘s objective as the Primary Rune in the Sphere of the Unified Whole, is to establish all of creation as one unified whole, and to provide a basis for the Interdimensional links which maintain the unified whole.

As the 5th Runic Light which is white, Ehstí performs this duty, establishing the oneness of all creation, known otherwise, as the Odinic Principle. To understand Odin in a transcendental sense, we must come to terms with three perceptions:

A. The perception of reality beyond the cycles of time and manifestation.

B. A perception of the passage of events as ever-evolving constructs of life-Escaping Hell©

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C. A perception of Sound in terms of transition through perceptual awareness, and as the vehicle of conscious experience of varying spacial phenomena which, in reality, all share the same space and time.

Before examining these three aspects in greater detail, allow me first, to clarify my use of the phrase, perceptual awareness. This is not a redundancy, but rather a means by which the seemingly inexplicable may be explained. As we know, to be aware of something is to have knowledge or cognizance—to be mindful of it. To perceive, we know, is to become aware through the senses. However, my use of the term involves a psychic, or even spiritual sense, rather than one of the five standard senses through which we normally gain perception. For this reason, I separate the terms perception and awareness, in order to emphasize the fact of a perception which transcends awareness, and adds an unusual element of cognizance to it.

A: Odin exists in part, as the perceptual awareness of the cycles of time and manifestation. These involve the cycles of days, months, seasons, and years, which manifest changes in weather, temperature, and nature‘s other processes. They manifest the effects of life experiences, chemical chain reactions, and age.

Reality beyond these cycles is perceived in the awareness that whatever we want to exist, or ―be,‖ already exists within us as the within aspect of the

―All.‖ The principle that the entire universe is within us, applies to all conditions and situations, as well as to time and space. We cannot take control of this fact, however, until spiritual purification is complete.

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We learn through shamanic travel, that we can experience the reality of other worlds, as well as other times, through our own inner sanctums.

Therefore, unlike those whose consciousnesses are captivated by the cycles of time and manifestation, we can perceive the reality beyond.

B: Each moment of being changes at the speed of light. Each abrupt change facilitates a power surge that we have come to know as ―The Power of Light.‖

As we also know, objects, emotions and mental constructs associated with events, maintain an existence within the overall Sound Matrix. These constitute constructs of life-energy, because everything in existence is constructed of quanta, which are units of electro-tonal energy-identity. This is how it can be said that God exists in everything, and at the same time, we are all a part of God. This is the ―oneness of all creation.‖

Perceiving everything in the ―All‖—even events as consciousness, allows us to perceive the passage of events as ever-evolving constructs of life-energy.

C: I reiterate: Because all places and times exist within the Sound Matrix, everything is connected. Variances in tonal frequency and vibratory consonance provide the appearance of what we call here and there; but we transcend this illusion through the experience of bilocation, where we perceive other places, while maintaining body consciousness.

These three perceptions constitute an understanding of Odin in a transcendental sense, which is required for our understanding of creation, and that which is created. This is the Odinic principle, which operates Escaping Hell©

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through the Rune and Runic Light we know as Ehstí. In this way, all of creation is established as one unified whole.

The key to a timeless view of life is found in Ævar -

. To understand life

and death as a key to this view (for Ævar represents life and death), we must first understand the paradox of life and death:

―Reincarnation is a cyclic process of

Life and death; but accessing the

Inner Worlds reveals the reality

That life is death, and death is life.‖

The interconnectedness of all experiences and events throughout our existence is a reality which could not be, if the past and future did not have their existence in the here and now.

When we travel out of the body shamanically, we realize that we are . . .

even without the body. When we access the inner worlds, we realize that life exists aside from this 3rd dimensional realm, and that we have many life experiences in the past, as well as in the future. Thus, it becomes evident that life is death, and death is life, that although we experience death in one respect (that of the body), in reality, we never die. Life, then, is timeless and vast.

Ævar serves a special function for the ―All,‖ by providing ―contact points‖

throughout space/time. These contact points establish an energetic link-up for every particle in the universe, which accounts for the fact observed by quantum physicists, of particles separated by many miles, nevertheless affecting one another. This also accounts for so-called miraculous and timely occurrences which are often viewed as the ―hand of God‖ in our Escaping Hell©

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personal matters. These are ―Interdimensional Links,‖ and could be considered the ―hand of God,‖ since the Runic forces are extensions of the


Algir -

reveals the timeless nature of life as we explore his structure as the inner aspect of all that which exists without. The paradox is stated thusly: ―Whatever is without is also within.‖

All the vast planes of the universes, although having their existence in an empirical sense, also exist within us, as our inner worlds. This has to do with the nature of the ―All‖ who is both within and without. It is accurate to say, then, that the entire universe is contained within us. As an extension of the ―All‖—which is everything—the universal force we know as Algir, expresses and maintains this very important aspect of creation.

The foregoing analysis of the Cosmological Code as regards the Interdimensional, or Unified Whole Sphere, provides us with the understanding that creation involves more than just the manifestation of our

―sense-world.‖ It involves the normally unperceived reality of forces which establish the phenomena that shape our reality, but which we are never aware of.

- Ánsur‘s objective as the Primary Rune in the Sphere of Creative Awareness is to express the electro-tonal energy-identity within a manifested form, in order that it may begin to gain experience in the material worlds of dualism. This is the higher aspect of the self, which our Norse ancestors called the Hamingja. We, as a physical consciousness, of Escaping Hell©

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course, are made up of material from the Mental, Causal, Astral, and Physical Planes of Existence.

Each cell, of which our bodies are comprised, contains a particle of electro-tonal energy-identity; but if our Hamingja were to depart, and break all connections, all the cells (the body), as well as the physical consciousness would die.

Ánsur, as a universal force, is our bridge to the ―All.‖ Likewise, he is the source of adhesion for the subtle forces which allow formation of the elements. As such, he maintains the coalescence of existence in general, quantific processes in particular, and ultimately the expansive thought we call ―creative energy,‖ ―creative awareness,‖ or ―consciousness.‖

Without this source of adhesion and the resulting coalescence, dichotomies would fragment quantific structures before they could coalesce into patterns of thought, causation, and elemental force. There would be no creative awareness. Therefore, even the phenomenon of gravity owes its manifestation to the Rune Ánsur, ultimately.

Allow me to diverge for a moment, because gravity is part of creation, and must therefore, be discussed. It is one of those forces in operation which cannot be called by a Rune-name, or even attributed to just one Rune. I‘ll begin this discussion with a few definitions:

Induction – 2. [The process of electrical attraction] electric induction, magnetic induction, see electro-magnetic action.

Magnetism—A physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge, which results in attractive and repulsive forces between objects.

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Morphogenetic Field—The electromagnetic field encompassing planetary bodies, which is responsible for all evolutionary, energetic and elemental processes and forces.

Magnetic Field—A region around a magnetic material, or a moving electric charge within which the force of magnetism acts. Morphogenetic fields fall into this category.

15th dimensional Mind Essence

The Spiritual Mind

14th dimensional Subconscious

13th dimensional Light-Sound Harmonic Integument

Harmonic—of or relating to musical harmony or harmonics

Integument—A natural outer covering, such as the skin, or seed coat These dimensions (13-15) constitute the 5th Harmonic Universe, known as the spiritual planes. In this realm, energy-identities acquire soul bodies on their way to the material worlds of dualism, in order to gain experience.

This is the anti-matter region of the universe, where elemental forces such as gravity do not function as they do in the material worlds.

Within morphogenetic fields, we have the magnetic induction of opposite spinning charges. Therefore, when the moment of being changes at the speed of light, the resulting power surge causes a synthesis of particum and partika (Sound and Light), which creates its own electromagnetic pulse, thus producing magnetism. This is an electrical attraction which occurs with the magnetic induction of opposite spinning charges naturally inherent within morphogenetic fields. For this reason, gravity is specific to planetary spheres, where magnetic induction is occurring. Therefore, it is Escaping Hell©

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accurate to say that gravity is synonymous with electric energy. It is also cyclic in nature, since it occurs with each E.M. pulse as each moment of being changes at the speed of light. This also means, then, that gravity occurs at the speed of light.

- Daku is the Primary Rune of gravity, because he produces the power surge we call the Power of Light, which causes a synthesis of Sound and Light which results in the E.M. Pulse responsible for the production of magnetism. - Kánkennu is the impetus for energy‘s origin, setting cycles into play, and providing Daku with his impetus.

- Urur organizes these

cycles, providing the cyclic power of Transformation which results from the synchronization of the power surge and the E.M. pulse. This is a transformation of magnetic induction, the flux of time, Sound, and Light in gravity. Ánsur, of course, plays his role, as noted above.

The controlled energetic impetus behind the cycles of creation is Kánkennu


. Although Feyhju is the power behind all movement, Kánkennu provides constant transformation and regeneration, as the 7th Runic Light, which is green.

The cycles of creation involve the expansion and contraction cycles of the sun, as Light and Sound quanta are sent forth to effectuate the perpetual cycle of creation, evolution, degeneration, and rebirth. Kánkennu embodies controlled energy, and therefore, provides a controlled energetic impetus, as an extension of the ―All.‖ He controls the sun in our solar system as a microcosm, as well as the larger microcosm of the Galaxies.

The macrocosm, of course, is the ―All,‖ itself.

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The transformative and regenerative aspects of Kánkennu provide an impetus which maintains the cyclic processes that are initiated by Jara in the universe. Specifically, all cyclic processes depend on gravitational fields, density of celestial bodies, and the efficiency of E.M. fields—all of which require transformation and regeneration.

Perfect unity involves an identifiable whole, united, with all the required elements, qualities and characteristics for promoting the purposes of those sharing identity, consciousness, and uniqueness. This is what the universal force of Vunjo -

is all about. She is the mother of ―Unified Consciousness,‖ constituting a oneness of perception; or awareness of something shared by a group.

The ―oneness of all creation‖ means that we are all one in the ―All.‖ It also refers to the fact that we are all interconnected by the Sound Matrix, with Light manifesting space between objects. On the other hand, we all have personal identity in accordance with our particular vibratory harmony to the Sound current.

Personal identity establishes personal characteristics, which manifest in a given nature, and finally result in the experiences that accompany the actions that are natural to the individual. Those with similar vibratory harmonies to the Sound Current, naturally share characteristics and perceptions in common. They constitute, then, specific groups.

Vunjo is the mother of diversity in the universe, and although we constitute a unified whole in one respect, she maintains the diversity we see in the world. Birds, for instance, constitute a group, but consist of various groups, Escaping Hell©

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or species which do not attempt to mate, nor do they even share the same trees. This is what the natural creative force of Vunjo is all about. She establishes unity, forming the ―whole;‖ while its oneness is unique in identity and consciousness, to a specified group.

There exists a vaporous light between all elements, manifested bodies, and even between earth, air, fire and water, where energetic exchanges occur.

Opposite but equal reactions set up the process of evolutionary change, but Gebor -

serves as the balance point between all things in creation, assuring that creation is an ongoing process.

As the 9th Runic Light which is yellow, Gebor exists in the Sphere of Creative Awareness, while governing the Sphere of the Unified Whole.

Allowing various groups (life forms in general, species, and even gestalts) their autonomous natures as guaranteed by Vunjo, Gebor maintains the Unified Whole as established by the sphere of that appellation.

In the ―All,‖ or in the önd (Sound-Light Matrix), all things are one, as we know. Only a vaporous light marks the dividing line between things, which are actually manifestations of various vibratory harmonics to the Sound Current. This vaporous Light is where energetic exchanges occur, whether between objects, or between water, air and fire—fire, earth and air.

The most important energetic exchanges occurring, are: 1) desire and abhorrence; 2) attachment and indifference; 3) cheerfulness and despondence; 4) happiness and sorrow; 5) forbearance and anger; 6) bravery and fear; 7) trust and jealousy; 8) love and hate; 9) selflessness and selfishness.

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Vapor Light is light quanta vibrating at a higher frequency than that of the elements it separates. It is ―auric‖ in nature, but less sophisticated than the auras of humans and animals.

Everything in existence is conscious, regardless of how rudimentary the consciousness may be. All consciousness possesses the Vapor Light. At the elemental level, exchanges through the vapor light occur in the way of nature‘s processes, which I have expressed in terms of: ―Water, Air and Fire—Fire, Earth and Air.

1. Water exchanges with air. (Water contains oxygen, and air absorbs water – evaporation)

2. Air exchanges with fire. (Air feeds fire, and fire expands air) 3. Fire exchanges with earth. (Earth feeds fire, and fire renews earth) 4. Earth exchanges with air. (Earth consumes air, and air has its creation in earth)

Gebor, then, maintains balance throughout the cosmos, and thereby assures the energetic exchanges responsible for the ongoing creation through the process of evolutionary change. Let us not confuse this process with the present-day concept of evolution, which claims that we descended from apes. That which I have presented here, is in the realm of cosmology, and has nothing to do with the convoluted notions of those with dishonorable designs against those of us, who have a desire to ―know.‖

The ongoing creation with all its evolutionary processes culminates in

―Spiritual Intelligence.‖ My use of the term ―culminate,‖ should not be construed to mean that the ongoing creation stops. Culmination is an individualistic phenomenon, which simply places the individual within a Escaping Hell©

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higher classification of continual creation. The universal force responsible for this aspect of creation is known to us as Manar -


Spiritual intelligence involves much more than an understanding of laws governing moral behavior, esoteric precepts, or even knowledge of how scientific and spiritual principles are related. It involves a conceptual awareness of the transcendental concepts associated with quantific processes that are involved in the cosmology of the universe, and the Cosmological Codes. Such awareness is required for functioning in the service of the ―All,‖ as a ―Silent One.‖ To become a Silent One is a very high aspiration for some of those who escape from hell.

Toward this end, Manar makes available to those who are dedicated, the rationality and alignment of the personal psyche/soul structure with the Hamingja, and balance between the human and divine aspects of our being. This aspect of creation brings about the eventual completeness of everything established by the ―All.‖

To understand creation in terms of elemental structures, and the developmental/evolutionary processes which govern them, it is important to realize that: 1) There are 144,000 stages of existence; 2) There are nine divisions of each stage; and 3) For each of these nine divisions, there are eight phases of transitional harmonic frequency which produce the impetus for evolution within each and every dimension of the universe. Actually there is one phase per division for the first eight. The ninth division is one of transformation, wherein elemental structures undergo all eight phases again. The aspects of the impetus produced, may be described thusly: Escaping Hell©

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Phase—1: Frequency signature acquisition. We each possess our own unique signature, which changes throughout our evolutionary transitions.

Phase—2: Pitch adjustment of the morphogenetic seed crystals. This is a slight alteration resulting from the activity in Phase—1. The seed crystals provide attunement between the morphogenetic/auric field, and the Sound Current.

Phase—3: Speed-up in the vibratory frequency of the Morphogenetic chakras/hvels. This provides the frequency requirements for ascension from one elemental state of existence, to another.











Phase—5: Speed-up in the vibratory frequency of the mental body.

Phase—6: Speed-up in the frequency of the causal body.

Phase—7: speed-up in the frequency of the astral body.

Phase—8: Structural development of the DNA Template/Lower Etheric Energy Matrix (Hamr).

As I noted earlier, Runic Cosmology follows the Code as the actualization of creation, structure, and evolution; then the process (as intended) establishes the elements of existence.

Unknown to modern-day scientists, is the fact that there exists 540

elements, which in various combinations, as we know, produce molecular structures of gases, liquids and solids. Ultimately, we experience the elements in terms of earth, air, fire and water.

Obviously, these four divisions do not depend on specific elements for their existence. In other words, we are not going to find certain elements, such Escaping Hell©

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as hydrogen or chromium in one of the divisions, and never find it in one of the others. Earth, air, fire and water simply describe the form that elements may take. Those in the form of large molecular structures are said to constitute the earth element. Those in the form of smaller molecular structures (also known as colloids), are said to constitute the water element when dispersed in water. Hydrogen and oxygen combined, however, form the water element themselves—but only when a catalyst, such as a high voltage spark, or palladium is introduced. Those elements that form gases, are of the air element; but what about fire?

Fire is a rapid chemical chain reaction. Essentially, we are talking about oxidation, where an element‘s atoms lose electrons in reaction to being combined with oxygen. Therefore, while earth, air, and water constitute relatively stable forms that elements may take, fire is not stable in the least bit. It constitutes an elemental form that is in constant flux; it is a transitional form by which action, the earth forms are converted into the air forms.

It is common to find systems where in each of the four elemental designations is embodied by a particular Rune. As I have discussed elsewhere, however, the Runes cannot be compartmentalized in such a strict manner. Each one, in fact, embodies all the elements, and will express one over the others, depending on its mode of operation at the time. Furthermore, the elements work together harmoniously at the cosmological level, as can be seen in runic activity.

Scientists have discovered some of these interesting facts, such as water requiring fire in its creation. We can take a sphere and place within it, two parts hydrogen with one part oxygen (H2O), and we will not produce water Escaping Hell©

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without a catalyst. The earth element of palladium will work, or the fire element of a high voltage spark will do the same thing. Amino acids which are building blocks of biological forms, can be created in a sphere by combining the requisite gases (air element), and introducing a high voltage spark.

It would be ludicrous to consider scientists in the light of ―creators,‖ even if they did end up creating biological forms. As we have seen, they can only rely on the established creative processes which already exist for their use.

Creation, after all, encompasses all the quantific processes responsible for electro-tonal identities, evolutionary processes of a cosmological, as well as a biological nature, and all the forces of adhesion, cohesion and balance, which allow for the eventual manifestation of elemental biological forms.

It is equally ludicrous, then, to say that a very powerful humanoid called god said a few words, and created the world in five days, then drew in the dirt, and manifested human beings by blowing into it.

As the force behind all power in the universe—even that of Sound and Light—the Higher Will serves as the ultimate force of ordered existence.

Embodying this force which our Norse ancestors called ―Megin,‖ is Solí - ; the Runic representative of the ―All.‖

A number of educators have confused this power with the önd, using the two terms interchangeably. Önd is Feyhju‘s power of Sound and Light, which is a creative force. It is the Partiki which serves as material for the patterns of all universes, and the manifestations which comprise them; but Solí, with his ―Megin,‖ establishes the patterns of all the universes.

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Megin is the power behind Light and Sound; it is the power of the Higher Will, to which all other powers in the universe(s) are subordinate.

Naturally, then, Solí is the 1st Runic Light, which is Gold.

The Higher will is the structure of universal law, and the force behind all power in the universe. This is the ultimate force of ordered existence we are talking about; and this is Soil‘s cosmological purpose as the axis in the Runic Correlation chart which depicts the Cosmological Code, then. Solí is the embodiment of the Higher Will, as a direct extension of the ―All.‖ He is the ―Force of Megin,‖ which is the responsible force behind the structural patterns resulting from the activities of the other Runic Forces in the Cosmological Code.

The structural patterns which are powered by Soil‘s force include the Sound current, the Runic Forces, personal identity and gender for electro-tonal energy-identities, the Cosmological Code, the planes of variable vibratory frequencies, and the elemental patterns of atomic, molecular, and biological manifestations.

As we know, each individual has personal identity as a result of his or her particular vibrational harmony to the Sound current, and the potential for individual harmonics is limitless. We are categorized in all ways, by tonal frequency. The Runic Forces possess specific characteristics that relate to what we call gender, and they also embody specific tonal frequencies, unlimited by our concept of octaves.

As the patterning force of the ―All,‖ Solí has everything to do with personal identity and gender. His patterning force provides the vibratory harmonic upon which, each and every individual receives gender through a specific Escaping Hell©

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Runic Force, while at the same time, receiving personal identity. In this way, although the ―Sound Essence or Hamingja is of the spiritual planes beyond the realms of dualism, it nevertheless takes on either male or female characteristics upon its transition into the material worlds of dualism.

For this reason, a conscious entity will develop from one species to the next, then from one ascension or incarnation to the next as either male or female. Sometimes one‘s past actions and/or attitudes necessitate a life experience in the opposite gender. Such a situation is often the root, or karmic cause of homosexuality. Therefore, when someone feels that he or she is trapped in the wrong body, it is probably true. As I stated in chapter eight, we often have to deal with karma that is not ours, so the individual may not even be at fault.

As regards the creation of biological forms, there exists information which describes how quanta manifest DNA and cellular structures. I will dispense with the details, because they are embroiled in physics-related terms such as 1) Universal Unified Field; 2) Dimensional Unified Field; 3) Universal Merkaba Field; 4) Outer Auric Levels; 5) Morphogenetic Chakras; and 6) Morphogenetic Seed Crystals.

We‘ll suffice it to say here, that from the bodies we inhabit, to the planetary spheres in all dimensions, to solar systems, galaxies, and even the universe itself, electromagnetic (E.M.) fields serve as more examples of Soil‘s structural patterns. Specifically, we are talking about how the tonal pattern of incoming energy (electro-tonal identity) enters the Seed Crystal, and manifests itself in the DNA blueprint.

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The process is eventually described in terms of how the energy-identity enters the ―auric capsules‖ of the body, and is then drawn through the lower chakras (hvels) and into the energy meridians linked to the body‘s nervous system. From the nervous system, this energy passes into the endocrine system, the blood, and the cellular structure, to manifest form.

Biological form is created and sustained through this continual process of energy flow from the multi-dimensional, Unified Field. Therefore, as more highly evolved entities, we inhabit bodies made up of other entities, or intelligences inhabiting the cells of the body.

The quantum physics are certainly real, but they offer very little in the way of understanding who we are, and what makes us what we are; therefore, it is of great significance to understand the structure of the various dimensions that we call planes. Herein lays the source of the ―subtle bodies‖ making up the Auric Field (known in Old Norse, as the Hugr).

These subtle bodies make up the mind, the subconscious/ unconscious, and the storehouse of our lower emotional passions. This is what is generally left out of discussions such as the one above, regarding incoming energy-identities.

The DNA blueprint mentioned above exists as a shroud around the physical body. Psychics, who claim to be able to view this, call it the

―Etheric Body,‖ and state that it is the innermost layer of several, constituting the ―aura.‖ This is actually a Sound Matrix serving as a DNA template, from which the physical body is patterned, with DNA also manifesting in the cellular structure. The Old Norse term for this is ‗Hamr.‖

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At a more subtle vibratory frequency than the Hamr, is the Astral Body which exists as a shroud for the Hamr. This is where our emotional passions are stored as psychic energy.

At still a more subtle level, the Causal Body enshrouds the astral. This constitutes the subconscious mind, which is a storehouse for all our past thoughts, emotional reactions to environmental stimuli, and the energetic structures from deeds performed. These things constitute what our Norse ancestors called ―wyrd,‖ which is the substance that manifests as Ørlög, or Karma.

At an even more subtle level is the Mental Body, enshrouding the causal.

This is the actual conscious mind itself. This is where mental impressions and habits are stored. That which we are, manifests through the Hugr, then. Beyond this, we have present-life experiences that form who we are, with everything else providing an underlying ego structure which determines how we perceive and react to environmental stimuli.

Enshrouding the Mental Body is an Upper Etheric Sound Matrix responsible for the manifestation of the Mental, Causal and Astral Bodies.

These subtle bodies of the Hugr are part of their respective planes, or dimensions. Many planes subdivide these general designations, so allow me to provide a brief description at this time. In some circles, each general plane is referred to as a Harmonic Universe (noted as: HU). Within each

―HU,‖ there are three dimensional realms; and each of these contains its own Astral Plane. Thus, each major plane (HU) consists of six sub-planes.

There are three dimensional realms, and three astral planes making up Escaping Hell©

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each one. The numbers and letters in parentheses indicate the astral realm associated with the dimensional realm:


D-13 (13-A)

D-14 (14-A)

D15 (15-A)

Soul Plane


D-10 (10-A)

D-11 (11-A)

D-12 (12-A) Mental Plane


D-7 (7-A)

D-8 (8-A)

D-9 (9-A) Causal Plane


D-4 (4-A)

D-5 (5-A)

D-6 (6-A) Astral Plane


D-1 (1-A)

D-2 (2-A)

D-3 (3-A) Physical Plane

The Hugr (auric field) consists of the Astral, Causal and Mental sheaths, or bodies associated with their respective planes of origin. Each body consists of six vibratory sheaths. Examining the Causal Body, for instance, we find that there is a sheath of D-7 vibrational frequency, one of D-8, and another of D-9. Each of these has its own astral counterpart at a more subtle level. Now let‘s examine what happens when our electro-tonal energy-identity makes its way through the various planes, to the physical.

HU-5 is called the Soul Plane or Spiritual Plane, because it is above (in vibratory frequency) the material worlds of dualism. The incoming energy-identity requires a Soul Body in this realm, and may now be referred to as the Soul Essence, or Hamingja. This is the Higher Self. The three elements making up the Soul Body are as follows: 1. 15th dimensional Mind Essence

The Spiritual Mind

2. 14th dimensional Subconscious

3. 13th dimensional Light-Sound harmonic integument Escaping Hell©

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HU-4 is called the Mental plane, because this is where the three elements of our Mental Body were obtained. They consist of the following: 1. 12th dimensional faculty of intellect, with the Buddhi

Powers of will and discrimination

2. 11th dimensional faculties of perception and action Manas

3. 10th dimensional faculty of sense perception HU-3 is called the Causal Plane, because this is where the three elements of our Causal Body (subconscious) were obtained. They consist of the following:

1. 9th dimensional storage of action and reaction.


2. 8th dimensional faculty of emotional gestation.

3. 7th dimension faculty of ego identity.


HU-2 is called the Astral Plane, because this is where the three elements of our Astral Body were obtained. They consist of the following; 1. 6th dimensional psychic consciousness

2. 5th dimensional Light

3. 4th dimensional passion and ego awareness HU-1 is called the Physical Plane, because the Physical Body is of such a low frequency, as to make comprehension of higher vibratory frequencies most difficult Here, our consciousness, ego awareness and mental faculties are enmeshed in the things of the Physical Body (sense perceptions), which is and are of the 3rd dimension.

1. 3rd dimensional Physical Body (including the brain) 2. 2nd dimensional dense awareness (we don‘t have this) Escaping Hell©

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3. 1st dimensional solid awareness (we don‘t have this) For those who relate to the fourfold model of the mind as understood in Yoga psychology, allow me to relate it to the more detailed explanation above.

Together, the four aspects of mind constitute Antahkarana, the inner instrument, which is made up of ―manas,‖ the lower mind (D-10 & D-11);

―buddhi,‖ the intellect or faculty of discrimination (D-12); ―ahankara,‖ the ego (D-7); and ―chita,‖ the mind stuff (D-8 & D-9). This all takes in HU-3, and HU-4, constituting the ego-self.

Without going into detail regarding the exact nature of the various types of matter throughout the dimensional realms, I‘ll provide a basic description: D-1 is solid matter, D-2 is dense, and D-3 is rigid. All these are atomic in their elemental nature. D-4 is dark matter, D-5 is misty, and D-6 is Light matter. All these are electric in their elemental nature. D-7 is woeful/

matter, D-8 is easy, and D-9 is cheerful. All these are neutral in their elemental nature. D-10 is irrational, D-11 is rational, and D-12 is intellectual. All these are magnetic in their elemental nature. D-13 is intemperate, D-14 is temperate, and D-15 is remote. The first two are positronic, and the third is neutrionic in their elemental nature.

As we look around, perceiving the wonders of creation, we can‘t help but know that there is a God. It is equally clear, however, that this creation could not possibly be the work of a humanoid god with man‘s propensity for jealousy and anger - the failings of the human intellect. The ―All‖ is in everything and beyond everything.

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The Runes are a gestalt entity, functioning throughout all the universes, as an extension of the ―All‖. The ―All‖ is like a large sun, with five universes revolving around it, the same way the planets in our solar system revolve around our sun. This is going on at three different vibratory levels, meaning that there are fifteen universes. Hail the ―All‖!

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