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This book is being made available free of charge, so that those who
have little or no money can still hear my message and make a choice
regarding their spiritual freedom. I will do my best to provide enough
information here, to enable most people to escape this hell we call God‘s
creation, without the need for a workshop. However, unless the individual is
already quite adept with energetic forces and the astral plane, contacting
the Mani-Om-Sah Institute at is recommended.
This book has not been in the hands of a publisher, nor has it been
edited by anyone other than me. I did not major in English literature, nor
have I studied creative writing or English composition beyond one basic
class in 1973; therefore, please ignore any grammatical and/or structural
errors that you may come across in your reading. I appreciate your
patience in this regard.
This book represents twenty-four years of personal study and research
into the esoteric aspects of the world‘s spiritual and religious traditions, as
well as the histories relevant to both the development and demise of such
It would be impossible to include all of my discoveries in just one book,
especially in one as small as this one. However, I think you‘ll find that I
have consolidated my notes sufficiently for the purpose of describing our
situation on Earth, and explaining how we can make our escape.
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