Escaping Hell


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This book reveals the nature of the God of this world, and through the logical process, shows the reader that we are living in hell. The book also reveals who and where God really is, the traps established by Lucifer to keep us here, how to transcend those traps, and even shows us why we cannot simply transcend this world and then immediately function in the universe without first being properly educated. Finally, the book provides a proper perspective on the creation from a scientific point of view, rather than the childish explanation provided by organized religion.

toula kantidakis

i am a greek orthodox growing up,but have had alot of questions unanswered. Now with my life experiences and reading this book alot of things are clearer. I believe there is more to life than the bible which has been changed a million times over and over. There has to be some force out there. When i was little I could see and feel things before they happened, and still can. It has to be related to special field forces our spirits which we call come to this life after life can sense without no-one able to tell us its only god. I think the book was fantastic good on you.

toula kantidakis

i agree with the majolrity of the book only agreeing on my life is lmost as i see it.

JD Straw

He has a right to his own opinions. I chose to believe the Bible.


thank you for passing on such valuable knowledge. Enthralling.

Doug Stauffer

I enjoyed reading a new concept on life and the creation. Really a mind opener!

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