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Erotic Love Letters from Australia HTML version

Chapter 1
Letter 1 Naughty in the Restaurant
My Dear Lovely sexy Anne,
Before you get deep into reading this erotic and very horny letter; I have a raging
hard on just writing it. No doubt my come will be flowing into my hand by the time
I have finished writing, just thinking of what you will be doing to yourself whilst
reading it. Anyway, back to my instructions for you.
Go to my wardrobe and look behind my sweaters. There you will find a box.
Take it out, but do not open it yet. Now go to the bed and take off all your clothes. I
want to picture you laying there on our bed naked. Now, open the box. Inside, you
will find two perfect copies of my cock. I made them the day I sent you off to the
health spa for a day of pampering. The day you got home to see me greet you with
my trousers at my feet and my cock sticking out hard as nails. Without saying a
word you got down on your knees and gave me a fantastic blow job, swallowing my
come. Hmmm, memories.
Now take them both out. One vibrates the other is just a dildo. Use them how
you wish. I made two of them because I know how you like something in your ass
as well as your pussy. All you have to do now is read my letter and masturbate with
the copies of my dick. I hope you enjoy them. I know you will. The thought of you
moving those cocks in and out of your pussy and ass is making my dick so hard it is
painful. I bet you will be moving one of them from your pussy to your mouth
tasting your own juices. Maybe when I get home you can show me exactly what you
did. But that is for another day.
Read on.
It all started when I dreamt that we were out at our favourite restaurant for
Valentine?s Night. You looked stunning in your new red low cut mini dress. With
your perfectly sized breasts held in place by the new uplifting corset you bought .
Your large nipples were already pushing the soft material of the corset out through
your dress. That told everyone that looked at you that you were already very horny.