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Erotic Love Letters from Australia HTML version

Bill was working away from home in Australia. Away from his beloved wife
Anne for 3 months he remained faithful to her. He found it difficult as there were so
many gorgeous voluptuous women strutting their wares along the sun baked
beaches. Women in his office wearing skirts so short when they bent over they
showed him what they were hardly wearing. G-strings sales had certainly taken off
in Brisbane. He often thought about how he would love to take them off with his
teeth. But faithful he remained. How did he manage this you may ask?
He overcame the temptation by writing erotic letters to his wife every week .
Letters that contained details of erotic dreams he had. Dirty, slutty ones involving
him and his wife at first; with the addition of „friends? coming on the scene as the
dreams got more and more outrageous. However, as much as the letters helped him
stay in control of his desires it was the SKYPE calls home to Anne that really helped.
The calls started off normal ones but both Bill and Anne knew where they were
heading; straight to big orgasms for both of them.
This first series of short stories are his erotic letters to Anne . They get raunchier
and raunchier as each week passes by.