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Erotic Love Letters from Australia HTML version

Chapter 3
Letter 3 – Obedience with a Lord and Lady
My Dearest Anne,
Once again I find myself needing to write to you about my sexy dreams . When I
return home soon we are going to have to sit down and discuss them. That is after
we have fucked ourselves stupid. We need to talk about where we want to try out
any of them. It has been a long time since we fucked in the car. That was at night
when there was no one around. You remember, it was the time when you were
sitting on top of me on the front seat of the car, your bare ass banging against the
dash panel when all of a sudden out blasted Frankie Goes to Hollywood singing
Relax! We just burst out laughing and could not get back into the rhythm for a whil e.
Happy memories.
This latest dream is a sort of follow on from the last one when we encountered
Lord and Lady Beckery in the field. It all started when we were at home the
following day. We chatted about what had happened. There was the truck driver
wanking himself off over the window; you flashing your bald pussy in the bar to
strangers. Those strangers ending up watching me licking your pussy and joining
us for a very sexy afternoon.
We were sitting outside in our lovely secluded garden after an early afternoon
barbeque for just the two of us. I said to you “Did you notice that her Ladyship had
an all over tan? It certainly was not a spray one either. It showed off her body so
well. Would you not sunbath naked out here in our garden?” You replied “I don?t
know. I have never really thought about it. Sure, I?ve gone topless on the beaches in
Spain but as we get little hot weather here I?ve not considered it.”
“Why not give it a try now?” I said. “Ok, I will if you will but let?s get the sun
loungers out first.”
I went off to get them from the shed and when I arrived back you were stood
there naked as the day you were born; literally, as you had no pubic hair. It was a
gorgeous sight to see you standing there in our own garden without any clothes on.
We spent the afternoon lying out on the sun loungers and soaking up the hot sun;