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Erotic Love Letters from Australia HTML version

Chapter 2
Letter 2 – In the Back of the Car
My Dearest Slut Anne,
After the last letter I sent you describing my dream of the two of us flirting with
another couple but then going our separate ways after a romantic dinner. You recall
the one where you removed your panties and sat opposite me flashing your shaved
pussy to the other girl?s man.
Well, that really got my brain working overtime. Last night I had such a wild
sexy, horny dream that I masturbated twice. Once during the night and once before
I started to write this letter to you. No doubt I will have another one later today
after I have posted it to you.
This latest dream relates to a time that actually happened to us when we went out
looking for somewhere to a fuck outdoors for a change. Except this time a whole lot
more happened than when we had our hour of fun that day.
We set off in our SUV for the local hills where we planned to find a spot that was
safe enough to park up and have some great sex. We packed a small picnic of
sandwiches and our favourite Spanish cava; some soft blankets for the back of the
SUV. We had already dropped the rear seats down in preparation for what we
hoped would much pussy and cock sucking.
As it was a very hot summer?s day you did not bother wearing panties. All you
had on was a short skirt, a halter neck top and no bra. Your nipples pushed out
through the thin material of your top, expressing how turned on you already were .
They were like organ stops! To say it was turning me on already is an
understatement. So we set off just before lunch. You continually teased me
throughout the journey. Spreading you legs apart and flashing me glimpses of you
bald pussy. You had even shaved off the pubic hair from your mound. It looked
silky smooth.
When I over took a large truck. The driver looked into our car and the look on his
face when he saw your legs spread wide apart was magical. A huge grin appeared
on his face. I slowed down so we were alongside him and you turned to him and