Entropic Quest HTML version

"It did say The Hidden One," he reminded himself, "and you never believed in that stuff."
"That's definitely true," he had to agree. "It's not something that I would make up."
"Unless you have gone out of your mind," he counte red. "It's been known to happen."
"No," he disagreed, "that's only more stories. You'd think it would happen to us, but it can't. Nothing can
happen like that. We never can change, remember?"
"You've got me again," he relented. "So I guess that leaves us w ith the squirrel."
"The squirrel has spoken," he repeated. "We might as well go."
"Might as well," he gave in. "Why not? It's not like we have anything better to do."
"Stop saying 'we'", he scolded himself as he stood up to continue his journey.
"Whatever you say," he replied.
Edeline was informed by crow, and had no idea what it was talking about. The crow, perched on top of
an ancient rotting tree stump, cocked its head and gave her a beady stare.
"You're new here, aren't you?", it inquired.
The crow was even closer to the truth that it imagined. She was not only new, she was brand new,
having been dumped into the forest less than half an hour previously. She'd spent that entire time on
the verge of tears, and would have been weeping for sure if she had been able to believe that this was
even happening to her. It seemed like only moments before that she was getting out of bed, preparing
to begin another normal day.
She'd had ordinary plans. It was a Tuesday, a work day. She had meetings to attend, pap ers to present,
decisions to make. She remembered thinking about pastries, for some reason, although she had none in
the kitchen. Marvin would like an almond treat, she had told herself, making a mental note to pick some
up at the bakery on her way home that evening. She'd looked down at his still-sleeping form, a half smile
working its way across his face as he dreamed about who knows what. Edeline had gone through her
customary routines, carefully applying the face cream, arranging stray hairs in her eyeb rows, scrubbing
her face and hands, preparing for her morning exercises. She had only just spread out the yoga mat and
turned on the instructor's video when the knock came at the front door.
She had considered not responding. After all, she was only wearing her pink terrycloth tights and top
and hardly looked presentable, in her opinion. Nevertheless, it was her own home, so whoever it was
deserved whatever sight they beheld, so she did open the door. If she'd only known who was there, she
would have fled out the window instead.
"Yes?" she asked politely of the two rather large, stupefied men who stood there gaping at her body.