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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Entropic Quest

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Published: 2 years ago

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Four people are selected, seemingly at random, by an invisible being who communicates to them through wild animals. They are told they must go somewhere, find something, take it somewhere and do something with it. This is all they know. The thing, whatever it is, could be anything, and it could be anywhere. As for the chosen ones, they have other problems. Two are bitter rivals in an endless and seemingly pointless game, another is a novice, newly torn from her everyday life, while the fourth has been an old man for much too long, for all of them are immortal, exiled with nothing into an infinite forest by a world that cannot tolerate their existence. As they struggle to work together to achieve a goal that none can even imagine, failure might just be their only option.

kathy simmons

I like the book the is very interesting and the people are humors and funny . I can not wait for the next one to come out.

Angela Sekar

Nice idea for a story, but the plot is very vague. The author fails to explain the question "Why?" If the question is answered and more info was provided regarding the other characters...(increasing the story length)...This book would've been awesome!!! For now, I can rate it 7/10.


This book was awesome! There was pacing, there was humor, and the characters were all very interesting in their own ways. The story itself was like food for thought you know, especially the stinger at the end. Those two dislikes there were either two people who did not understand the book or were disappointed with how it ended, seeing as there was not much of a resolution and anything could still happen, leaving it open to a lot of possible plot twists. Great job authors~ I'm hoping for a book two, please do release it soon!


Tom Lichtenberg and Johnny Lichtenberg

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