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Before Sam could ask the little one’s name the dark angel had gone leaving
nothing but stray black feathers and the pool of blood which stained the welcome
Twelve Years Later
Orphenn stood in his place around the fire that smelled of the corroding
garbage that it burned. The smoke carried the stench with it as it barreled upward
out of the metal trash can. Orphenn stared blankly into it, flames mirrored in his
red and blue eyes.
He was with a new group today, and he was withdrawn and silent. Not that it
mattered-he never spoke to the old group either. And whatever group he joined,
there was never anything different. Homeless bums gathered around a garbage fire
for warmth. Nothing more about it.
To Orphenn, living on the streets was much more predictable than others
made it seem. True, New York alleys were cold and cruel, but what else was new?
Also true, Orphenn was probably one of the youngest hobos in the park. But he
didn’t mind No one else did much either Others like him mainly worried about
themselves. Though Orphenn seemed to be accustomed to a world without
He stuffed his hands into his trench coat pockets. He loved his trench coat. It
was filthy brown and torn, but it was warm.
The others were talking. The one called Smitty, who wore a flannel coat and a
beanie, began questioning the others in the circle.
“Hey uh Maria” he beckoned to a severely underdressed middle-aged woman
with a fuming cigarette held between two fingers “What’re you planning?”
“Buzz off” She rasped
Smitty insisted “No come on I mean what’re ‘ya waitin’ for? When ‘ya gonna
get yer life goin’ again?”
She softened “Just waiting for a miracle Smitty Ain’t we all?”
“What ‘bout you RJ? What you waitin’ for?” Smitty asked a dark-skinned man
across from him, who looked sullen and distraught. His plump lips quivered. R.J.
responded slowly, in a tone that resembled weary excitement.
“I’m waiting I’m waiting for my princess”
An awkward silence followed, with nothing but the crackling of the fire
between them.
Listening to these people, Orphenn realized that every one of them were
waiting And that’s all they would ever do
Smitty again broke the silence “Hey you Quiet Guy” He called “Yeah you
Silent Bob”