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“Sam get the door”
The orphan was quick to comply.
Above the door, there was a wooden sign that read: KINDER ROSE
ORPHANAGE, in cursive lettering.
Sam swung open said door to meet quite a surprise.
Knelt at the doorstep was a pale, raven-haired woman, an unconscious child
limp in her trembling arms. They were both dripping with rain and blood.
It was then that Sam gave a frightened shriek. Not at the blood-he was
accustomed to that-but there were strange, dark things, nearly invisible in the
night sprouting from either side of the woman’s back They drooped wearily at
her sides. It took him a moment to realize they were wings.
A social worker, Lora, was at his side in a heartbeat. A shout escaped her as
“Sam go inside” She ordered
He didn’t move He could only gape at the dying angel bleeding at the steps.
She didn’t press him
“Please” the angel wheezed She inched closer painfully
The social worker gasped and took a step back. Sam came forward.
“Sam” Lora cautioned, holding his shoulder. He gave her a defiant look, but
stayed put.
“Please” the angel said again this time lifting herself sluggishly to her feet
She held the child before Sam “Help him I beg you” Red oozed from her mouth
Sam looked at the small boy she held. He was pale and raven-haired just like
the angel. Rain spattered his cherubic face.
“He is an orphan”
At this Sam shrugged Lora’s hand off his shoulder and stepped into the rain
He reached out, wrapping the boy in his arms.
The angel pressed her forehead to the child’s a motion that seemed to relax
her and calm her heart, love in her mismatched eyes.