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Enjoy The Sabbath: Speak of it With Delight as Yahweh's Holy Day

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Published: 4 years ago

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This is a non-denominational book that teaches children how to keep and honor the Sabbath day by learning its laws. It also contains activities that teaches children family unity by having all members of the family participate in each activity before and during the Sabbath. The activities in this book are just ideas that can be changed according to your family life style and needs. I hope this book serves as a vehicle for your family's creativity and imagination to celebrate with joy and gladness the day that Yahweh himself set apart for our rest and His.

James Marjoram

If you are Jewish and still living under the law of the old covenant then this is a great little book. If you are a christian living under the new covenant then this book misses the mark completely. The New Covenant, established in the work of Jesus, is the end and fulfillment of all the law, and is completely based on intimacy and complete union with God. We no longer follow the laws as we rely on the Holy Spirit in us for all life and truth. We hear the Father's heart for every moment of our lives and are no longer bound by any religious activity, ritual or tradition.


Jenny Hernandez

I am a parent and teacher who loves helping children learn about God.

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