Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

I’ll wait for you till eternity.
May be that’s what I am supposed to do.
May be I am just supposed to wait for your love,
yet keep loving you.
I feel for you, I understand you,
I care for you and above all there is something I am not supposed to do,
that is have you in my arms,
and follow the fate written in our palms.
Wait I have more to say to you,
I have more love in me that I want to share,
with all the people around who care.
Yet, I would have had you, if only life was unfair.
You have to leave my sight and be with someone else.
This fear smolders inside me.
New voice in my head tells,
new stories of lost love found in next eternity.
Here, I stand before you,
waiting for you to smile back at me.
Tell me, what more I have to do,
to hold you and stand on my knee,