Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Win lose, nothing matters.
Alive today, to witness more emotions, his desire stirs,
With vision to come back stronger, with vision to fight a little longer,
The soul strode away, vanished in thin air, leaving all his army in despair.
Was he even there, I still ask myself,
I was no one, a mere soldier in this battle,
I fought my heart out,
But was left wondering, who was I fighting for, the one that staged the bout.
This mystery still haunts me,
Years after the fight for destiny,
Dazed and confused, I still look for the answer.
What was the war for, the war never in the history?
The one where we lost just one soul,
The soul of the mysterious rider, the leader and the deceiver,
That got us there, playing Possum unlike the dream weaving beaver,
Lost in the middle, left us incomplete with a big dent in the memory and a hole.
I have a vague vision of his disguise,
Could hear him in every soul that cries,
I could sense it in his eyes,
That told the story, the fake promises and the lies.