Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

The Game My Psyche Plays on Me
In the songs that I wrote for the suns and the stars,
Yours is the best that healed all the scars,
The wounds time healed, the battles that my fate sealed,
In need of some fresh breathing air, I took a dip in despair.
The highs and the lows, the sparrows and the crows,
Time takes them away, like both fears and dreams.
The drama in life comes and goes,
In the stories without themes, ecstasy without screams.
The shadows and the mysteries that circumstances weave,
Out came the sun with the soul that took a dip,
Armored from head to toe, surprisingly even with ancient greave
Prepared for the battle that tore him apart.
Yet, flaunting the armor, screening all passion and the glamour,
The soul in front of me swiftly swiveled up to the field,
Where he had lost all battles, slowly unlike before without much clamor.
Yet, undeterred about his fate death had concealed.
What more could you ask for, what more could you take with you,
With wound worse than before, the sun set on the gloomy view,
He escaped the battle; thankful, may be a little rattled.
This was his destiny that fate had on his entire enemy.