Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Yeah, we call, cry out loud, and shout out on top of our lung,
No more agony, only expectation will prolong,
Our wait for New Year has come at stand still,
Achievements will be many but for that do we have the desire and the will?
Many youthful eyes have witnessed black turn into grey,
It is the same old story; the same old folklore continues,
It is the hair, as they all say that has turned grey,
Merry times have brought dreams of million, zillion hopes our heart pursues.
Yet undeterred by the million expectations and hope eluding their longing heart,
Every year the same old story with the same old end but again we start,
The countdown to the clock to hit midnight,
As hope languishes underneath rubbles of culture.
And we stare and let hope to not disappear,
With no fear, smearing happiness across our face,
We wish the year was here to stay,
So with nothing more to say, let me wish all a prosperous new year, beginning today.