Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Folklore of New Year
Just another day, just another way,
I don’t know what this year holds for me,
New Year’s resolution, people portray
In their minds as they await for something new, something out of the blue in agony.
Last year was okay, that’s what they say.
Let more come our way, surprise us with whatever time may,
Bring to us, the pain, the agony, the smile and a thousand mile,
Travelling across the dreamy world of fairy aisle in our own style.
What night, what day as they say,
Is just another beginning, waiting for the silver lining,
The one that takes us there,
Putting smile on every face for which we care.
The night lights up in flames,
The flames lit up by human expectation,
As we feel the heart pumping
And jump up and down to steal the joyous sensation.
Thunder across the city hall and the city’s biggest mall,
People stand tall, weaving dreams big and small.
Tick, tock, tick tock, the clock rounds up to the moment we all have been waiting for,
But did we forget what we wished for same time last year, getting carried away by nostalgia moments like these