Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Telling me I can drink from the same bottle and it doesn’t matter,
I hate the way you love the limelight,
I hate your writings you write,
I hate how you love family values,
I hate your obstinacy,
I hate your lyrical verse that defines your love fantasy,
I hate the way you use sarcastic comment to talk to me,
I hate your complexity,
I hate your definition of love: trust, care and understanding,
The more I look the more I find,
Moreover, I hate the way you play on the back of mind,
With every darn thing I do,
How each and everything revolves around you,
So I hate to love you with so much passion,
These are the 26 things I hate about you.
When hate turned into love, if only I knew,
If only then you were twenty plus two,
I don't know if there will be anyone other than yo u.