Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

I spotted you in Sari colored Pink and Grey,
You were dancing to the merry tunes, if I may say,
You flipped your hair and looked up at me,
That glance had me shook up from head to knee.
You rolled your eyes sensuously,
As you pulled up your shawl hastily,
And looked up at me,
I was love struck at that moment, absolutely.
I gasped for air,
Forgot life’s every tear,
Notched up my gut’s gear,
And came up to you without fear.
I said, holy cow, you look absolutely stunningly beautiful,
I would have been lucky had you b een there when I was in school.
She said, please stay away,
Let’s just remain strangers, if I may say.
I insisted we talked and talk we did,
Until we talked about her affair and her love splendid,
I was heartbroken and said to myself,
I lost the love of my life only recently.
This is nothing compared to that,