Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Once beyond the falling star,
You will see how you’ve been kneeling,
Down in front of the people with whom you shire,
Unknown that they don’t love you the way you desire.
You never realize that even that love of yours is not selfless.
And you call me and my life a mix of selfish mess.
I saw the world from your eyes,
You saw the world from mine.
So tell me what you saw that you felt so different,
Did that cold feeling of loneliness, in your heart, leave a huge dent?
I will tell you what I saw,
People weren’t selfless; they all had flaw.
Love for you is, loving what you love,
Unknown that selfless love would mean loving someone you hate,
Trying things that you know isn’t your fate,
Luring love to come to all, ready even to sacrifice yourself as a bait.
Are you ready for all that I said?
I know you didn’t like the things you read.
May be that is what is called being human,
After all the “I” here is God indeed.
I have sinned here, so God please forbid.