Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

God Forbid
If there is anything called humanity,
The biggest weapon is that of love.
If there is a god in this world,
There would be no violence.
If there is god inside each of us,
Why only poor people live with them?
May be because the poor don’t have what the rich have,
Love from society, and money earned through fame.
If only you were me, and I were you,
What would we do?
Would you love my world the way I do?
Or would you love them just for the sake of fame?
I would for once see the world from your eyes,
I would for once live the life without lies.
I would for once take my time to hear the cries,
The cries of the lonely heart,
To cry with them and do my part,
To see the world from the start,
So that I could depict the perfect world from my art,
For you to see how I see,
The world and the people as I envisage to- be free,
Once alone and never too far,
Away from all human feeling,