Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

I now don't want to repeat that mistake,
I always thought moving into your heart would be a piece cake.
I think I want you around me now and forever,
I don't want you to go,
And take me to relive my past filled with sorrow,
Yesterday seems like it was only today,
Tomorrow seems like it is too far away,
Now I see us moving close to each other,
I know you better, and nothing seems to bother,
When I talk to you, you seem to be getting c loser,
Closer to my heart, here I want this story to start.
I move close to you and you move closer to my heart,
You have become a part of me,
Something no one can see,
You're in my mind and you're only mine to be.
Slowly I caress your senses with my words,
I didn't tell you before but you've done the same since our early days,
I think how you must have acted in those plays, where you acted like a queen,
That had me move quietly into your heart in ways no one had ever seen.
Slowly the story will start
And quietly I poise myself into your heart.