Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

And quietly I poise myself into your heart
The summer sun set in and the winter sun let you in into my mind,
My love for you has made me blind,
You made your presence felt, slowly but it wasn't until recently when you had me move,
To your dancing groove,
It wasn't till recently when I had a move on.
Long hard wait from my past,
Long dreaded wait from my past,
I had you at sight but it wasn't till recently when you had be enthralled,
Your shadow curved its way into my heart.
It wasn't till recently when you had me looking onto my walls,
Now I can't wait to see when the morning shadow falls,
So that I can see you and talk to you with the shining sun.
Years have passed, days that last;
Yet you have had a move on into my heart,
Now the nights seem longer, the days shorter,
Yet I long to meet you, a day without you seems so long
I still wonder what you did that had me wonder,
It has been long since the initial years of thunder.
I guess it is past that has me to ponder,
If I will ever get to live this moment to morrow,
I didn't do it in the past; I feel it was my biggest blunder,