Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

I hope your love succeeds till eternity,
I hope your love is one with maturity,
Because mere thought of loving someone, mere thought about fairy tale marriage is not what I call mature love,
For me, for now, mature love is a sacrifice done out of will and not out of force.
Every individual is different, every individual thinks differently.
You might have different perspective, you might see it differently.
But that doesn’t mean your love is not love and it is mere infatuation.
I am letting you go doesn’t mean I never loved you; I did, do and always will love you.
Before I had three passions- writing, entrepreneurship and my love for you,
Now I will believe my love for you has been achieved and hence done and dusted.
I will think it was one joyous moment of magic.
I don’t want to be poetic and think it was tragic.
It is good because I found an inspiration to write, a motivation to keep writing stories and poems.
If you read good poems, know you could be the inspiration, it is you around whom the poem roams.
I write because it satiates my thirst of eternal lust.
I will love because I saw someone like you a guy can trust.
Hats off to your will power,
Staying away from everyone around,
It doesn’t matter if you’re love devour,
At least you have someone whom you have found.