Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Before the end, this is the last letter I wanted to send
I asked her, "Hey, how are you?"
She answered, "I am good, how about you?"
She said, "Sorry but I have to tell you that I have someone I love."
I said thank god at least you bothered to think about me and my blind love.
Then I went on, Thank you for setting me free, at least this way I know that you're happy with someone.
Now I don’t have to wait for your answer all my life being all alone.
Now I can rest saying I don’t have to try all of my best
Because you are here and I know you’ll do the rest.
I breathed you,
I needed you,
I felt you,
Because I cared about you more than myself, without you knowing, without you caring what I had in my shelf.
But you never breathed me,
You never needed me,
You never felt me,
Because you already had someone else, at least that’s what the recent event tells.
If I had given up on you without knowing a reason for not loving me,
I would not have been totally faithful to myself and even after death my soul would not have been free,
At least now I know I love you but lost something I was never meant to have.
You’re happy and that’s all the happiness that I should have.