Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Critiquing a poem with another poem
Your face is a joy to behold
Manifestation of your elegance grandeurs
Despite the serenity you have
I can sense your avarice so mad.
You are trying to mingle
my heart with yours forever
your smirk and black ogle looks
Throbs my psyche, it rocks.
Affection has sparked between us
igniting the temptation of extreme lust
we are head over heels in our love
and have nix thirst except to dock.
Your amiable nature and kinship
Allures me to the acme
we have been aspiring each
And our alacrity touches the crest.
Neither of us has the audacity to spell out
And our endeavors are behind cloud
There's no doubt that in one sunlight hours
We'll get the prize that we've sought.