Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

The Dream stuck in the Black Hole
Life through the eyes of a beholder.
I lay down on my knees as the burden of the world around me lies on my shoulder.
I see myself in her.
Through her eyes, I see how, in her, emotions my thoughts stir.
I feel the depth in those eyes,
as I delve deeper in worldly lies.
Out comes a fairy, breaking all of her divine ties,
To see the world through these lonely eyes.
The realm around me is a vestigial of what dreams this soul envisioned,
The responsibility now rests on these shoulders to carry forth, I reasoned.
Come forth my lady, as I carry you around in these shoulders that are seasoned,
as the reality lives on in the virtual world, future gone and past already done.
Look at my world through my eyes, the beautifully mended lies.
The energies that lived through, the chills of the voices that flies.
Metamorphosing into a reality of the dreams in the form of worldly ties,
The shrills of the children dying in the wars, the dream still holds those cries.
I woke up and the tears, the pain and the suffering soaked up,
Reality broke the eerie dream, bringing back painful reality,
Of those lost civility, the world lost amidst human hostility.
Now collecting those vestigial memory, the dead soul rested in peace in eternity.