Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Hate groomed a lost soul,
a soul in need of ecstasy,
and life that was full but never whole.
Good life and good wife are everyone’s fantasy.
For me, they are my love for me and love from her.
Now my emotions start to stir.
Yet, years after my tragedy,
I walked the same path with my family,
the family that loved me for my body and not my soul.
Where my soul is! Do they even care?
To me, life and my family have never been fair.
Now tragedy is all I get,
since in my dream I met,
a girl that once said,
nothing to me but made,
excuses and now she is whom I hate.
Life full of tragedy,
is mystery yet no fantasy,
of mine to have a life like this,
to miss ecstasy and gloom like I miss.
This is me, a Piscean, yes I am a fish.
One who wanders in tragedy,