Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

and on the wall that had writing saying. “We love Nepal.”
Darker it got, and hurriedly, I went inside a fruit store to buy some fruit.
Realized the inflation has got the better of me and the price had my voice on mute
Fearing political affiliation of the vendor, I saw no other option than to pay and get back on the run.
Now what else could have I done?
Bright somewhere, yet dark somehow,
The streets were filled with dark cloud
I am just a pedestrian who has to pay for all health hazards
After all I am taking medicine for allergies like retards.
What more could have I asked of you and the country alike
More than a little cleaner, greener city
And some fresh air to breathe,
Some news about political stability, belittled corrupt activities and stories about patriots choosing to live in
Nepal to read.
Is it too much to ask for,
Failure in the quest to woo her,
Doesn’t mean this is how I have to suffer
Live in Nepal, love it is my only request to you, Sir!!!!