Endless Journey Beyond HTML version

Screaming on top of their lungs and doing a bit of business math
I ask myself if they are monsters in human shell,
who chose to be that way when given many choices
After all they are killing the beauty of the streets but who cares as long as they’re doing well.
The dusk died and out came the night
Darkness spread out in the streets instead of glowing light
I looked down but I couldn’t see the manhole and the street hole
I thought one should step there and his life to death circle could complete and be whole.
I got a call in my phone
I was told to bring a few things in a mild tone
Then I said okay, I’ll do that
Turned to my right to change lanes but I stepped on a dead rat
These are the scenes around my city,
The place, I was born in, lived and won’t want to die.
Yet as helpless as I am
Many enjoy the luxury of family wealth and a fiancée abroad
They’re the ones flocking the airports
Rushing in to give up life in Nepal and Nepal itself in sorts.
Yet, undeterred by such horrendous scenes,
I looked down at my dirty pant sleeves,
Tapped off all the mud and walk ahead to change Nepal,
Then a high profile bureaucratic SUV rushed past the gully I was on, splashed logged drain water all over me